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The Best Golf Clubs for Intermediates

Golf clubs are an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their skills on the green. If you dream of winning the Masters and getting your green jacket one day, it all starts with getting you one of the best golf clubs for intermediates out there.

To help you on your journey, we’ve done some research and come up with a curated list of some of the best golf clubs for you can get. Take a look:

The Best Golf Clubs for Intermediates All Over

Callaway Strata Golf Club

If you’re an intermediate golfer, then you will need something to help you improve your skills on the green and get you the level of professionalism to take your game forward. That’s exactly what the Callaway Strata Golf Club Set is the perfect choice for you.

Note that this is ideal for male golfers. There are tons of awesome golf drivers for women from Callaway as well, so you’re not entirely losing anything here.

Callaway is one of the most popular manufacturers of golfing accessories, and you know they always bring good stuff to all their products. Here, you have a set of 12 golf clubs, with each of them properly tuned to ensure that you can effortlessly take your game to the next level.

Each golf club here comes with a titanium head, which delivers higher forgiveness and improved durability. The 460cc size is perfect for beginners, as it’s just the right balance of strength and lightweight measurement that you need to achieve a perfect swing.

The head also provides improved aerodynamics, so that you can hit higher balls and achieve shots that cover longer distances.

The bodies of the clubs have proper stainless steel coatings, so you’re getting proper strength. The entire set also comes with an alignment that will help make your shots much more accurate.

Sadly, several users have complained that the clubhead isn’t so strong. Some claim that it has gotten cracked after use. However, if you can maintain the clubs well, this shouldn’t be much of a problem in the long run.


  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Comes with a mullet
  • Designed to last long


  • Low-quality clubhead

Cobra One Length Clubs

The Cobra king has a legitimate case to be seen as one of the best iron golf clubs to be available on the market today. It’ got just about everything you could ever need, and the manufacturers themselves are pioneers of the growing trend of steel iron golf clubs.

One of the most impressive parts of these clubs is that they come with shafts that are of the same length. So, instead of having to wait to select the perfect one, you can pick any golf club and swing it as you would like.

The clubs incorporate the manufacturer’s PWRSHEL Face, which improves the power with which you hit a ball and helps it to move over farther distances. There’s also the TECFLO Progressive Set Technology, as well as the T.O.P Cavity Construction that will improve the clubs’ life span and improve durability.

The set especially works on your ability to control the ball. Given that a lot of golfers struggle with achieving optimal accuracy and control when they play, the manufacturers have had the foresight to make the groves broader and shallower. This way, you can rest assured of consistency in your swing.

The faces and grooves also come with 100% CNC milling for added accuracy. In terms of downsides, the product appears to suffer from the same flaw as its predecessor – it doesn’t last too long. Thankfully you have several clubs in the set.


  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • No need for additional power when hitting shots
  • Excellent for people learning to throw long shots


  • The clubs aren’t long-lasting

Wilson Profile Junior Golf Set

A lot of the time, one significant aspect golfing where intermediate and beginner players tend to have issues with is achieving optimal swing speed. You might see the Tiger Woods of the world swinging shots like butter and believe it’s easy, but there is actually a great deal of work that goes into hitting a shot at the perfect speed and seeing it go the distance.

One of these factors is the choice of your club, and that’s where the Wilson Profile Junior Golf Set shines the most. Here, you have a set of golf clubs that have both long and short cavity irons. The sweet spot on the irons are large, as well as a significant amount of forgiveness to power your shot.

There are nine pieces in this set, with pretty much everything you could ever need – a driver, a short iron, a long iron, two golf heads, a hybrid, and even a wedge.

The golf clubs were specifically designed to help junior golfers. The drivers come with unique designs that will help you to achieve the best shot, especially concerning the speed of your swing. As you grow, you can always work on accuracy.

Sadly, the clubs do fall short in the quality distance as well. you’ll notice that as you get better and apply more power to your shots, you might not be able to use them for much longer.


  • Specifically built to help junior players
  • Helps to improve your swing speed
  • Provides ample forgiveness as you hit the ball


  • The clubs’ materials are of low quality, so they won’t last long

Callaway Strata Womens’ 14-Piece Golf Set

No one ever said that women couldn’t have the best when it comes to golfing gear, right? Well, say hello to the Callaway Strata Womens’ 14-Piece Golf Set.

Callaway is already one of the best, most iconic manufacturers of golfing gear in the world, so it’s only right that they dabble in as many aspects of golfing as they can. With this product, they’ve made something that can work for women – especially those who are just starting with golfing as a sport.

The set here is right-handed, with impressive quality and a significant amount of power in a shot. The clubs are especially lightweight, so they will be able to help you to conserve energy as you play.

The clubs also come with higher levels of durability than what you’ll find with a lot of other clubs on this list. Customers have especially complimented the clubs for lasting long. So, if you’re not looking to come back to the market for long, then this is something you really ought to give a second look.

Each driver here comes with a 460cc clubhead and a larger sweet spot. The manufacturers also threw in a graphite shaft so that you can achieve greater distance on a shot. A fairway wood properly complements all of these, thus providing you with all the distance and swing speed you need to launch a ball far.

You’ll also appreciate the price of the clubs. They don’t cost much, and given the level of quality that they provide, you’ll find that they’re an especially great fit for intermediate golfers who are on a budget.

The only problem that you might find, however, is the fact that the clubs appear to be only for right-handed players. The manufacturers appear to have alienated women who swing with their left hand for a reason, and that’s not especially the best decision.


  • The set comes with a stand bag
  • High-quality clubs
  • The clubs are very light, so you can save energy on your swing


  • Some complaints about the driver and its quality
  • The clubs aren’t an excellent fit for women who play with their left hand

Precise M5 Men’s Golf Clubs Set

Yes, we’re looking at the best golf clubs for intermediate golfers. However, it’s also worth noting that certain golf clubs will work for every type of golfer – regardless of what skill level they’re playing at.

The Precise M5 Men’s Golf Clubs Set is one of such clubs. With these clubs, you have oversized clubheads that are user-friendly and very easy to handle. The clubheads come with an offset, which will help make it easier for you to get a proper swing of the ball and into the air.

The manufacturers also had the foresight to throw in a graphite material. This way, the clubs are light, and they can provide you with more control and energy on a swing.

Unlike a lot of the products you can find on the market, these clubs are also of high quality. There are 460cc titanium driver heads with these babies, and they will be able to produce large sweet spots and the type of forgiveness that you need to improve on both your shot power and its accuracy.

As expected, you’ll get matching golf bags with this set, so storage and carrying are as easy as you can imagine.

Note, however, that this set suffers from the same flaw as the previous option – it’s only great for right-handed players. So, make sure to check if it’s the right fit for you, depending on what hand you swing with.

All in all, you’ve got a solid option here. The club works for every golfer, and intermediate players will love it even more. As long as you swing with a right hand, you’ve got no problem at all.


  • Titanium clubheads provide optimal forgiveness
  • Aiming mechanism putter
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • Only good for right-handed players

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

Coming in next is the Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set. This collection comes with a wide array of clubs from the manufacturer, and you can use each of them as you see fit.

These clubs come in both right and left-handed variants, so all players can use them regardless of what hand you swing with. The set comes with five irons, a 460cc golf driver, as well as a hybrid, 3 wood, and headcovers for the driver.

The shafts on these golf clubs come with graphite material. All of the clubs come with the standard length and flex for players. Like the option above it, the sole irons here are also oversized. So, you will be able to get optimal ball launch and speed with the golf clubs.

The irons in this set are very light, and they will help improve your swing speed and power. In truth, it might take a while for beginners themselves to get the hang of this. However, practice really does make perfect with golf, and you will become acquainted with it in good time.

In terms of demerits, perhaps the most prominent is the fact that the set doesn’t come with a carry bag. So, you will most likely have to purchase a carry bag on your own. It’s not too much of an issue, of course – carry bags aren’t so expansive, so you can get one at a sports shop close to you.

Accuracy and distance are the prime selling points of these golf clubs, and the manufacturers did a solid job of fitting them well. They also last longer, so you can use them as you get better at golf and also rest assured that they’ll be with you for long.


  • Oversized sole irons
  • Built for improved distance and speed
  • The golf clubs last long


  • They don’t come with storage bags

Cobra Golf Women’s F-Max Superlite Set

Another one for the women to love! The Cobra Golf Women’s F-Max Superlite Set is just what every woman wants when she goes out to play golf – it’s durable and light, it looks great, and it can help you feel like a regular Annika Sorenstam.

The golf clubs feature a forged E9 face, as well as a weight distribution system that improves forgiveness and will help reduce the impact that you feel when you hit the ball. When combined with the lightweight build of the entire thing, you’ll find that this is a solid set of golf clubs for women that want some extra power on their shot.

The 3 wood, 5 wood, and 7 wood clubs in this set also come with a fast-forged face insert and a forgiving back/heel weighting to improve the height of your shot and help it cover greater distances. The manufacturers threw in the same feature for the Hybrid club as well, thus helping them to boost the stooping power that your shot has.

The irons are low-profile and perimeter-weighed, and they feature progressive hosel lengths. With all these features, they will improve your shot delivery and distance quite well.

It’s also worth considering the storage bag as well. In truth, this might be the most complete bag we’ve seen in this review yet. It comes with a 14-way top, as well as nine zipped compartments and a velour valuables pocket. The bag tops it all up with a dedicated beverage cooler that can hold cans with capacities of up to 14 0z.

As long as you’ve got the big bucks and you need a premium set of golf clubs to help you improve your skills on the green, this is one that every lady golfer will love.


  • Lightweight
  • The clubs actually last long
  • They come with premium golfing technology to boost your shot


  • The golf club set is quite expensive

Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Golf Set and Stand Bag

The Palm Springs Golf Visa V2 Golf Set is a great product that can revolutionize the way intermediaries play the game, especially concerning the performance and accuracy of their shots.

The manufacturers have touted the product’s design technology as being able to help improve launch height. As it is with several of the top products here, the golf driver in the set comes with a 460 cc design. The driver also incorporates a large sweet spot, thus ensuring that you can achieve improved accuracy and shot distance as well.

You’ll also love the fairway wood in this set. It might not be the best one available, but it enhances forgiveness. The wood also comes with a low-profile sole that will help you hit shots off the green.

Moving on, the irons come with a cavity back design that improves both MOI and reduces the center of gravity. They’ve bene fitted with steel shafts, and they ensure optimal forgiveness – great for players who are still working on improving their swing.

As for the putter, it comes with a unique head shape that will add mass to the point of impact and improve your performance when you simply have to roll the ball into the hole.

The only challenge here is the carry bag. Disgruntled customers have complained quite a lot about it, and you might see some challenges with durability.


  • Large sweet spot promotes more accurate contact
  • The driver hits a good distance from the tee
  • The putter distributes weight to follow your roll


  • Low-quality carry bag

Wilson Staff Deep Red Complete Set

Wilson already made a name for themselves when it comes to manufacturing premium equipment for sports, so the brand needs no introduction.

They also perfectly exhibited their genius once more with the Wilson Staff Deep Red Complete Set – a golf set that is sure to give you a luxurious golfing experience from the day you start using it.

Every product on here is properly built. It features four irons, three woods with aerodynamic properties, one putter, and two wedges. Each of these clubs provides an incredible amount of length and forgiveness for your shot, and you’ll love using them.

The highlight of the set will have to be the cavity-backed irons that improve accuracy and help you balance your shot from the moment you swing to impact. The irons are excellent when playing from mid-range, especially from the fairway – when the golf ball could experience impact from the maximum spin.

The driver measures 450cc in weight, and the sweet spot is large enough to promote stability and consistency with impact. If you put enough power, you will also be able to hit the ball across a great distance.

All around, the set is gorgeous and sleek, and it is tailored to ensure that you can get up on the green and enjoy your golfing experience. Again, Wilson always brings the good stuff.


  • All clubs are well-crafted
  • The woods improve swing speed and coverage
  • The irons ensure smooth contact at impact


  • The set is quite expensive

Wilson D250 Irons

Sometimes, the simple stuff makes for a great experience as well. With the Wilson D250 Golf Set, you can get all of this and more.

With this set, you get seven golf irons, which al work seamlessly for any beginner or intermediate golfer. Add a putter and a driver, and you’re ready to hit the green.

The golf clubs make use of speed steel technology, which help to improve your swing speed markedly. So, a little effort on your part could make the clubs travel across a significant distance. The clubs also employ a lightweight design, which means that you can save up energy and hit as hard as you want.

For players looking to transition into a more defined golf role, this is a great tool. The demerits, however, are also quite significant.

For one, there’s the fact that the set only comes with irons – you will need to get other parts of the set on your own. The irons are also not as durable as you would like. So, for long-term use, these aren’t the perfect choice.

However, players looking to improve their skills will appreciate the product.


  • Lightweight and energy-saving design
  • Speed steel technology improves ball speed and distance
  • Very affordable


  • Not so durable

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Golf Clubs for Beginners

Golf Drivers

Usually, golf drivers are usually used off the tee on long holes. Golfers typically use these clubs to hit the ball and cover as much of a distance as you can.

Usually, the biggest size for a driver head is 460cc – when you measure it by volume in cubic centimeters. Most golf drivers come with titanium materials, as well as carbon composites. These materials are lighter than steel, thus helping you to improve the size of the head and cover much of a greater distance.

Another important note; if the driver you’re purchasing is an older version, them you have to make sure that you can still use it for a legal competition.

Driver Models

Apart from the available standard models, you can also choose between the “offset,” “draw,” and “neutral” options. These options will help you to fix any issues you have with slicing the ball (such as balls veering to one direction unintentionally) by putting the weight inside the clubhead. Thus, you can achieve a more accurate shot on impact.

Driver Shape

You will also need to consider the shape of the clubhead. Square-shaped drivers will help you to align tee shots and get a better sight of the line of shot much easier than the conventional-shaped drivers. However, only a few manufacturers actually produce these ones.

Driver Loft

Usually, the available loft settings range from 8 to 13 degrees. When you’re selecting a loft to purchase, you have consider the speed of your swing

If your swing is fast, then you will need a club with a loft between 8 and 9 degrees. These clubs work for golfers with faster swings because they help them to swing further distances.

If you have an average swing, then you should get a club with a loft that measures between 9 to 11 degrees. This will help you to manoeuver any handicaps.

If your swing is slower, however, then you should get a club with a loft between 12 and 13 degrees. This is usually the ideal choice for beginners or intermediate golfers. The clubs will help your ball to gain higher speed.

Golf Woods

If you want to get a wood, the first – and perhaps most significant – consideration should be your you want to hit the ball off the tee, or do you plan to replace long irons? There are several other reasons, but whatever it is, you can get guidance by considering these:

The Wood

When you’re deciding the golf club number to purchase, consider the following:

  1. A higher golf club number means a higher loft and vice versa.
  2. A higher golf club number means that the club’s shaft length will be shorter.

Wood Shafts

Most golfers will have to choose between steel or graphite-shafted woods:

Steel woods will help you to achieve a ball flight that’s more accurate and lower. The graphite woods, however, can help to reach a farther distance.

Wood Head Design

Just as it is with the wood drivers, manufacturers of woods provide a choice of “offset,” “draw,” and “neutral.” A lot of manufacturers have placed weight inside the clubhead, thus keeping it square at impact. As they believe, this will help them to correct any veering when the wood hits the ball.

Wood Head Material

In terms of wood head material, you have three choices:

  1. Steel: Steel is durable and more affordable. So, it’s unsurprisingly the most popular material
  2. Titanium: Titanium is an ideal choice for someone hitting from the tee. It’s also lighter than steel and can improve the time for the ball to get airborne
  3. Composite: A composite material combines two or more (usually a combination of carbon with wither titanium or steel). It is excellent for adjusting off-center hits.

Golf Irons

Irons are the most popular members of a golf club set. They are numbered like woods, and a golf club with a lower number usually means that its flight will be lower and it will travel farther. The problem, of course, is that controlling the ball’s distance will be more difficult.

How to Choose the Right Weight for a Golf Club

Like drivers and woods, this depends on what you want:

Perimeter-weighted irons are heavier around the perimeter of the head. They are also easier to hit and will help you to get the ball airborne.

Offset and draw-weighted irons help you to keep your hands ahead of the ball. They also counteract slicing.

Forging or Casting?

A lot of golfers usually have to choose between two manufacturing techniques when buying a golf iron.

Cast Iron

These are ideal for low handicappers. They’re made by casting, and the manufacturing process allows manufacturers to be more creative with their craft.

Forged Irons

The steel used in making forged irons is softer than cast irons, and most users believe that they have a better feel.

Iron Shafts

Steel shafts are the most popular form of iron shafts. They’re the cheaper option, and they provide greater durability. They also offer torque and flex consistency.

Graphite shafts, however, are lighter and can absorb vibration better than the steel shafts.

Golf Wedge

Wedges are critical to a good score. Choosing the right one will help you to achieve a better game.

Bounce Angle

This is the curved section on the wedge’s sole. It is what prevents the club from getting in the sand. Visually, the bounce is the gap between the ground and the wedge’s leading edge. Generally, golfers will have to choose a bounce between 10 to 14 degrees.

To know more about the concept of Bounce click here.

Golf Putter

The putter is another essential part of your golf club set. These can transform your game, and when you’re choosing one, here are some crucial things to consider:

Putter Design:

Under putter design, you usually have the following:

  1. Blade design: The design is straightforward, but it tends not to have enough forgiveness when you hit it from the middle of the surface
  2. Half mallet design: It’s much similar to the blade, but you have an easier time hitting the ball
  3. Mallet design: This design is heavier than the others, but it helps you to align your ball with greater accuracy
  4. Putter Length: You can use a putter that’s anywhere from 33 to 35 inches.


The hybrid is a cross between an iron and a wood. While they’re not the most important piece, they’re useful nonetheless. They help your ball to get airborne, and they don’t drag through the grass.

How Many Clubs Can I Carry?

According to the R&A and USGA rules of golf, during play on the golf course, you are only allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs in your golf bag. The combination of clubs you will need for each round is entirely up to you.


As an intermediary golf player, you already have some degree of experience with the sport. So, you know what feels right and what doesn’t. With any of the options above, both male and female players will be able to enjoy their time on the green even more.

If you’re looking to considerably row your skills and partake in some bigshot tournaments, then any of the golf clubs on our curated list will do. You might also want to check out some of the best golf bags you can use to conveniently carry your accessories around while on the course.


Peter Stevenson, is a golf enthusiast who has been involved in golf in the last two decades. Whenever he isn't mentoring his students, you'll find him out on the course swinging away birdies and chip shots.

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