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How to Dress For Golf in Cold Weather

Being on top of your game always requires that you be alert and well prepared in all seasons. One way to go about this is by not allowing cold weather restrict you from bringing your A-Game. Golfing during cold weather is fun and can give you a different experience totally. If you would be on the golf course during the cold days, you have to dress for the occasion.

Passionate golfers would not mind the weather conditions whether favorable or not. The right amount of preparation just need to be done to complete this feat.

What to Wear For Golf in Cold Weather

The following guides would help you choose the right outfit during the cold times.


Layering entails combining the right set of clothing necessary for different weather conditions so that one can maintain the optimum body temperature in order to actively engage in any activity. When your clothing is layered properly, you will be protected from the harsh effects of the sun, rain, and wind.

Base Layer:

Clothing for base layers are usually close to your skin and help trap heat as much as possible.  Base layer clothing are fitted for comfort. They provide great thermal benefits which can aid your swing and overall performance.

While some base layers are specially made for golf and have been design in such a way to provide warmth and aid the free movement of the golfer’s swing together with other actions. Some other base layers have been designed with Compression Aided Technology which provides a tighter fit, helps boost stamina, improve overall blood circulation, and posture.

Thermal base layer is an example of a special clothing for golfing in cold weather conditions. They are made from a stretchy material designed to provide warmth, comfort and easy movement. You invest in a long sleeve or short sleeve thermal shirt depending on your preference. [image]

Apart from getting a thermal base layer you can also get the famous poly-pro shirts which also help to trap heat by design. Alternatively, one could get a long sleeved clothing too like a turtleneck-like polyester. These clothing if combined with long pants would also provide you with similar benefits.

Mid Layer:

Another layer to be concerned about is the mid layer since it play a vital role in regulating thermal conditions. Clothing that fall under this category should provide additional support to the base layer by insulating against heat. They are generally designed to be soft breathable materials that provide a comfy fit for the golfer which invariably supports overall performance. In terms of breathability, the clothing material used should allow for easy movement of excess moisture and heat out of the body for evaporation. Examples of mid layer clothing include,

Nowadays, some mid layer materials are been designed with Ultraviolet protection from the sun rays and also anti-bacterial abilities to keep them fresh as much as possible. Since the mid layer clothing would be worn over the base layer, it is advised that it is light enough to enable you swing effectively.


It has been proven there is a relationship between the comfortability of your pants and your performance on the golf course. If you are not wearing the right type of pant during a game, it might have an adverse effect on your swing amongst other things and consequently, distract you from concentrating.

Golf pants are usually long so whatever pant you would be putting on should enable you move, stretch and swing without any form of inconveniences. Should you also decide to wear a base layer under your pant, make sure it aid your comfort.


Footwear type is also another worthy mention when considering what to wear during cold weather conditions because different shoe type are suited for specific weather. For example, it is recommended to put on Golf Boots instead of the generic Golf Shoes because of their special design to suit such weather. These boots are water resistant and highly efficient for keeping your feet warm against the harsh weather condition.

Water proof golf shoes are another shoe type for golfing and as the name implies, they are water resistant. These shoe type are perfect for moist environments and would help you keep moisture out of your feet most of the time. If you have wide feet and usually find it difficult to get the right shoe size for you, we already took the liberty to compile some of the best golf shoes for wide feet.


Gloves and covering for the hands are essential items of clothing during cold weathers. Wearing a glove helps to keep your hand warm and also support a firmer grip. Wet weather golf gloves are great for wet conditions, the wetter the better and the firmer the grips.

When your hands are warm, they would grip the golf club properly and ultimately help you swing well.

Head Warmer

Just like other item of clothing that provide warmth, a head warmer will do you a lot of good in that stead. You can complement your outfit with a head warmer if you feel the cold is too much for you to bear. Face caps can also be used to prevent heat from escaping from you head but head warmers are more preferable in that they help to keep the ears and head warm.

Clothing you can wear on your head include woolly hats, waterproof hats, and wool ski caps.


During cold seasons particularly in winter, you can use sunglasses to keep the sun’s rays from impairing your vision while golfing. A good sunglass should be able to block about 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays from entering your eyes directly.

How Best to Enjoying Golfing in Cold Weather

Layer Your Clothing

Wearing the right set of clothes will go a long way in aiding your golfing experience on the course. We already discussed how to layer your clothing in the previous section above. You can do well you ready again if you’re not totally sure of want it means to layer your clothing, kindly visit the section above.

Keep Golf Ball Warm

Cold weather have a drag effect on the movement of golf balls while in motion. This sort of slows down the travel speed of the golf ball and the distance it cover after being swung. During cold weather, research have shown that you tend to lose about 3-5 yards, depending on air density for every 10 degree drop in temperature.

A smart way to keep your balls warm is by putting them in your pockets or closed up spaces. Another thing you should note is not to warm the golf balls during the rounds. You can only warm them before playing because at the end of the day, the ball automatically adopts the outside temperatures when in use.

Keep Hands Warm

The temperature of your hands warm can also affect your play while golfing. Warm hands tend to grip clubs properly and swing effectively. One great was to keep one’s hands warm and prevent heat from escaping is to wear gloves. Read section above to know more about keeping warm hands.

Take Walks Instead of Rides

While golfing in the cold, take walks instead of rides if you have an alternative. You would be amazed how much good walking will do to you. Walking will help you respire better, loosen up your muscles and warm up your overall body system.

Use a Heater If Possible

Another great way to enjoying golfing during cold or wet weather is by using a special heater to provide warmth. Most times, your bodily temperature has a great effect on your performance on the course during cold days. Using a heater to keep you warm would help you bring out your A-game on such cold conditions.

Check out some of the best golf heaters you can use to keep you warmed up during cold weather conditions.

Take Extra Clubs

Take extra clubs with you if possible. You can alternate between clubs while golfing so you won’t have anything disturbing your game. While the game is ongoing, you could keep the other clubs not in use in your carrier bag so as to keep them warm. Here are some of the best golf clubs you could buy to make your golfing experience lovely and remarkable.

Have Fun

One reason why you might be out in the cold playing golf is to have fun so don’t let the unfavorable weather affect your overall experience. Try to see the game differently and leverage on the weather conditions in order derive your maximum satisfaction from playing.

At the end of the day, what is important is that you are having fun good weather or not.


After use, do make sure to dry out your golf clothing and other apparel used during your session on the golf course. Irrespective of how the weather might appear, the cold weather might be one of the best times you would play on a golf course. Who knows…


Peter Stevenson, is a golf enthusiast who has been involved in golf in the last two decades. Whenever he isn't mentoring his students, you'll find him out on the course swinging away birdies and chip shots.

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