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Best Golf Cart Heater Reviews: Propane or Electric?

Heaters are one of the best things that happened to man since invention because they do a great job providing you with warmth during the cold days. During the cold days, golfing could also be a fun sport too if you as a golfer is equipped with the necessary gear to keep you at the top of your game.

Apart from knowing what to wear during the cold, you can also surround yourself with the necessary tools to combat the cold weather and keep you warm. One of such tools to keep you warm especially during transit in a golf cart is a heater.

So if you are wondering what might be the best heater for you, we took the liberty of curating a list of some of the best heaters for golf carts and we assure you that you won’t go wrong with our best picks.

These heaters are reliable, easy-to-install accessories and can be placed on your cart dashboard or fit into a golf cart heater cup holder adapter.

Benefits of a Golf Cart Heater

  1. Keeps your cart warm and comfortable
  2. It keeps you warm so you can perform better than your cold competitors while on the course
  3. Creates a relaxing atmosphere
  4. Reduces the risk of your cart not performing optimally due to cold
  5. Great for keeping kids warm if they would be golfing also

Types of Golf Cart Heaters

Basically, there are two types of heaters you could use within your cart, namely;

  1. Propane Heater
  2. Electric Heater

Here is a review of the best golf cart heaters on the market as at when published. Each heater review would include major features, pros and cons and where to buy.

Best Propane Heater for Golf Carts

Mr. Heater F242010 MH4GC Golf Cart Heater

This particular outdoor heater is our best pick and it tops the list of propane powered heaters. It is highly portable and can be used anywhere. You ca take it with you wherever and whenever you would be golfing in the cold.

It features an oxygen depletion system to detect low oxygen concentrations so as to prevent suffocation or injury to the user. The heater automatically shuts off when the amount of oxygen within the sphere is relatively low or insufficient.

The Mr. Heater MH4GC golf cart heater emits a maximum radiant heat of 4000 BTUs and can run for about 5hours if connected to a one pound (1 lb) liquid propane cylinder. Its push-then-hold button makes ignition easy and pretty straight forward.

Other notable features of the MH4GC includes a tip-over safety switch, wind-resistant screen and pilot screen. On rugged terrains, this heater still performs optimally and output is efficient. Its large radiant heating surface design allows it to heat up appropriately thanks to its inner porcelain coated reflector which helps to focus the heat.

In addition, it comes with a universal cup holder adapter that can fit comfortably with most golf carts.


  1. Highly portable and can fit into any golf cart
  2. Automatic shutdown safety features against oxygen loss and trip overs
  3. Wind shield protection against turbulent winds
  4. Push to start button igniter
  5. Safe to use


  1. Absence of heat regulator
  2. Propane tank might need to be changed during games
  3. Might be a bit pricey

Texsport Sportsmate Portable Propane Heater

Texsport has been in the industry for over 7o years and they have become a master at their craft. The Texsport Portable Propane Heater is a great buy and its performance matches up to expectation.

A great thing about this heater is the availability of a durable stainless steel burner and a pressure control regulator to adjust temperature while in use. When in full power mode it can conveniently emit about 3000 BTUs of thermal heat. If flame runs out, the auto-shut off valve feature shuts off fuel.

In terms of safety, the stainless steel reflector is secured with a safety gird to prevent injury when heated up.

For easy use and support within the golf cart, the heater is aided with a molded cup holder and large paddle-foot plastic base for easy placement of the device and stabilization. The paddle-foot base can house a 16.4 oz. liquid propane cylinder.


  1. Stainless steel design
  2. Paddle-foot plastic base for extra stability
  3. Auto-shut off valve feature
  4. Safe to use


  1. Propane cylinder not included
  2. Flame can be blown off by strong wind due to lack of wind shield
  3. Flame based design may make it appear unsafe for use
  4. Top may be slightly heavy on propane tanks
  5. Might need regular maintenance

Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Portable Propane Heater

This is not the regular kind of heater for a golf cart but it would suffice and does the job appropriately. Made of steel, nickel and plastic, the MH9BX is a portable multi-purpose liquid propane heater from Mr. Heater.

It efficient burning capabilities enables it to emit between 4000 BTUs to 9000 BTUs of radiant heat within a period of 3 – 6 hours on a one pound (1 lb) cylinder. However, heater may shut off if taken to a height of 7,000 feet above sea level.

Just like the MH4GC heater from Mr. Heater mentioned above, this model also come with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor and shuts off if tipped over, if pilot light goes out, or if it detects low oxygen levels. You can easily start the heater using the pilot-and-push knob which in turn activates Piezo sparking mechanism to light it up.

In terms of design, this heater is built with a custom fold-down handle to give this maximum output while retaining a minimalist footprint and can be placed strategically within your golf cart.

If you’re going to be using it indoors or outdoors, you could also connect the heater to an external gas supply via means of a hose and filter and control it with the in-built swivel regulator.


  1. Push to start Piezo Igniter
  2. Swivel-out regulator for connecting external fuel source
  3. Fold-down handle for optimum efficiency
  4. Automatic shutdown safety features against oxygen loss and trip overs


  1. No thermostat
  2. No cup holder adapter support

Stansport Deluxe Golf Infrared Propane Heater

The Stansport Deluxe Golf Propane Heater has been proven to be very reliable asides from the fact that it doesn’t appear to be very much sophisticated.

This infrared heater from Stansport emits about 3,500 BTU of thermal heat and can run for up to 8 hours on a 16.4 oz. disposable propane cylinder. As a safety measure, the heater is shielded with iron bars to protect the users from burn and injury during use.

Ignition is electronic and starting the heater is a piece of cake. Its durable heat reflector qualifies it to be an efficient heat emitter and this also makes it suitable for golf carts and other aqua-terrestrial environments.

Aided with a table-top support stand, it can balance well on a relatively flat surface. Specially built to handle rough terrains, it sturdy design enables it to fit into a golf cart’s cup holder.

The absence of wind shield might cause the heater to blow out frequently in windy weather conditions and this might be a turn off if you have to start it repeatedly. There is also a high tendency for the heater to tip over due to the weight of the reflector and this can pose some kind of danger concerns since there isn’t an auto-shutdown mechanism present.


  1. Up to 8 hours run time
  2. Quiet operation
  3. Matchless electronic ignition
  4. Durable heat reflector


  1. No wind protection
  2. Absence of cup holder adapter
  3. No heat regulator
  4. Might need regular maintenance

3G Portable Propane Heater for Golf Carts

Another great feature on our list is the Portable Propane Heater by 3G. This heater is a great gear to keep you warm during the cold and can produce up to 3000 BTU of heat. If powered by a 16.4-oz. propane cylinder, it can run for approximately 7 hours.

Just like other propane heaters in this category, it is designed with a Piezo matchless electronic ignition, a stainless steel regulator with safety grid and an auto shut-off valve to turn off the heater whenever it tips over.

It comes with a cup holder adapter and its sturdy base design allows it to withstand rough terrains and bumpy rides within the golf cart.

One major downside of the 3G Portable Propane Heater is the absence of wind shield which might cause the heater to blow out when strong winds blow or if the heater isn’t within a cart enclosure. Thus, it could become a chore for you if you have to reignite the heater each time this happens.

Also, the heater unit doesn’t come with a propane cylinder and you would need to buy one if you don’t have one already.


  1. Matchless ignition system
  2. Safe stainless steel design
  3. Include cup holder adapter
  4. Auto-shut off mechanism


  1. No wind shield
  2. No propane cylinder inclusive
  3. Might need regular maintenance

Best Electric Heater for Golf Cart

TSI Climate Caddy Electric Golf Cart Heater

First on the list of our electric heater is the SCC7701 Climate Caddy 48V Electric Golf Cart Heater by TSI Inc. Made of durable high impact UV-resistant plastic with weatherproofing protection. It operates similar to propane heaters in terms of heat emission but this time, it runs on battery.

The Climate Caddy works both as a heat generator and cooling fan system. You switch to whichever mode you want according to your preference. Power consumption is eco-friendly and it features a staggered start of stacked 48 Volt PTC heaters to limit power consumption at start up without running out your cart battery.

Another great feature of this electric heater is its Electronic eye sensor which only allows the heater to operate when the driver is present. The Bi-Level vent system allows you to direct air exactly where you need it during use.

Installation is pretty simple as all you have to do is place the unit into the cart cup holder and connect the battery using the provided alligator clips.


  1. Minimal power consumption
  2. Presence of fan for cooling
  3. Easy installation


  1. No heat regulator

Heater Craft G200x Golf Cart Heater

The next electric heater on our list is the Heater Craft G200x. It comes as a compact and relatively lightweight heater that can serve you warmth during cold days. Although it can’t be placed in a cup holder, you can place it in a strategic position so it heats up the cart evenly.

You would get approximately 4,500 BTUs when it heats up fully all you need do is connect it to your battery unit and its up and running. You might have to turn of the heater unit if it is getting too hot as it doesn’t have a control knob to regulate temperature.

A major concern about the Heater Craft G200x is it installation procedure. Since it doesn’t have a cup adapter, you might probably have to screw in the brackets on to the dashboard if you want it stationary.


  1. High heat emission
  2. Compact design
  3. Safe as it doesn’t need propane to run
  4. Cheap


  1. Temperature not adjustable
  2. Might be difficult to install
  3. High power consumption

RoadPro Ceramic Heater/Fan

The RoadPro Direct Hook-Up Heater and Fan is another heater type that could provide you with warmth in your golf cart. It also falls into the category of warm heater and is well suited to withstand any kind of rugged terrain.

Like other electric heaters, it can be connected to your cart battery conveniently via a 14ft cord with clips though it needs a 30 Amp in-line fuse. If you can easily switch to the fan option if you want cool off during hot weather conditions.

Starting up the heater can be done with the power button and one can easily make adjustments to the heater with the other control options provided.

Although this heater can’t fit into a cup holder adapter, it has a hook that allows for it to be hung or fixed anywhere in a golf cart.


  1. Highly compact
  2. Can work as a fan for cooling
  3. Easy installation


  1. 14ft cord might not be long enough for easy connection
  2. No cup holder support
  3. No heat regulator

Comfort Zone Compact Utility Heater

This compact utility heater from Comfort Zone is a multipurpose heater which can relatively heat of the interiors of a golf cart and other places as well such as offices, camps and garages.

Its small compact design makes it portable and can be moved around easily by the handle positioned on top. Powered by the cart’s battery, this electric heater runs on about 1500watts and would do good job warming up its environment.

For the sake of convenience, the heaters heater’s temperature can be controlled between low and high heat modes. Alternatively, you can set the heater to fan-only mode so it cools instead of generating heat.

For safety, the heater is aided with a tip-over switch to turn of the heater when tipped over. Also, it is also equipped power and caution indicator sensor for safe operation.


  1. Durable metal housing for longevity
  2. Thermostats control present
  3. Fan cooling option
  4. Caution indicator
  5. Auto-shutdown feature to power off heater when tipped over


  1. No support for cup holder

What to Consider When Getting a Heater?


Since the estate of a golf cart isn’t so large a portable heater is something you should be looking out for when getting one as it would help you manage the available space judiciously.

In case you don’t want to permanently fix the heater in the cart so you can carry it around during other outings then your best pick is a heater that is lightweight, compact and easy to move around.

Most propane heaters fit this category, however some electric heaters can also suffice.

Water/Wind Resistance

In terms of build design, you should also look out for a heater with a protective shield and is not susceptible to the effect of wind and water. During windy days, Propane heaters most especially are prone to shutting off frequently of they aren’t well protected. The effect of this might cause you to be irritated and/or distracted as you might have to restart the heater frequently while golfing.

Additionally, water can also cause your heater not to perform optimally and this could make it lose its effectiveness during wet and cold weather conditions. A good way to avoid this is to make sure your heater unit is water resistant.


The safety of a heater can’t be overemphasized. Lately, heaters are being designed in a way to protect against the damage of lives and property. Usually, propane heater have a higher risk potential because of the way they designed.

Having an auto-shut off safety feature would make sure the heater shuts off when the flame goes out on a propane heater. In the same vein, it would help stop the electric heater from draining the cart battery when it gets to a pre-set critical threshold.

In the situation where your heater is tipped over or is suddenly cut off from the fuel source, a tip-over switch feature should help turn off the heater immediately so as to prevent hazard.

An oxygen detector is great safety feature to look out for in a heater because it helps to guard against carbon-monoxide poisoning. Some heaters are built with an oxygen detection system to automatically shut off the heater when it detects the presence of low oxygen in the atmosphere.

If you adhere strictly to the safety precautions that come with the proper handling of a heater, you should expect them to work properly without any hiccups.


Installing a heater should be very easy and should be almost as simple as doing a play-and-play if you follow the installation guide from the manufacturer. If set up is properly done, you need not to work about how it operates while you play.

Adapter Support

A good golf cart heater would be one that has special support for fitting comfortably into the cup holder compartment of your cart or can adapt relatively well to how it’s being positioned within the cart.

Most golf cart heater have support for a golf cart cup holder adapter or a hook to hang them easily within the cart. Also, some other heaters have special stands to support them on relatively flat surfaces if you are going to be using them within the cart or in other outdoor terrains.

Heat/Pressure Regulator

It doesn’t make a lot of sense if you can’t regulate the pressure or control how much of heat you want to be emitted from your heater at any point in time.

In regions of higher altitude, it would be great to be able to control the pressure from the heater in order to optimize it for maximum output.

Golf heaters usually emit between 3000 – 9000 BTUs of heat. Depending on your preference, you should be able to regulate how much warmth you need at any time.

Noise Cancellation

During operation, a heater should work without outputting noisy sound. If you going to get a heater, be sure to find out if the sound that comes from is what you can put up with.

Where’s the Best Place to Put a Golf Cart Heater?

The best place to put your heater is subjective as its positioning depends largely on you the user. Usually, it is best you place the heater in good vantage point where it can feed you and other users with warmth appropriately.


A great way to optimize warming experience while using a heater within your golf cart is by covering the cart with a Golf Cart Enclosure. Each of the heaters mentioned our best golf cart heater list gets the job done and have been tested to be reliable although some might need proper attention and regular maintenance in order to preserve its longevity.


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