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8 Best Golf Shoe for Wide Feet (Pro Advice)

As with custom, shoes are known to provide comfort and protection to our feet. Choosing the right shoes for a sporting activity such as Golf, however, can be a little tricky especially when you have wide feet.

Asides comfort, wearing the right shoe and other gears can help improve your performance on a golf course. Many golfers, without knowing their own feet specification shop for shoes and thereby make mistakes with purchases.

The question on your mind right now probably is, “How do I choose the most comfortable set of shoes for walking a Golf Course? What makes a golf shoe comfortable? Will I be able to get a comfortable golf shoe within my budget? What other features should I be looking out before making a final decision?”

With all this in mind, we are going to share with you the best tips for choosing a golf shoe for your feet and varieties of shoes from which you might want to choose. We promise you are to find this article informative enough for you to be able to make up your mind when deciding what golf shoe, you should go for, especially if you have wide feet.

Choosing the Right Shoes for Your Feet

Choosing a golf shoe should be dependent on the width of your feet. Do you know there are different specifications and measurements of wide feet?

Let us introduce you to the various specifications of a wide foot. You might find yourself surprised at this bit of information:

  1. D – this is the standard size for men’s shoes
  2. E – this refers to the specification of a normal wide feet
  3. EE – this represents extra-wide sized feet
  4. EEE – Yes, you guessed right, triple-wide feet

This implies that not all wide feet can wear the same size of shoes. If you have wide feet it is even more important to get the correct golf shoes for several reasons:

  • To reduce the risk of slipping
  • Less damage to the greens
  • For more padding and protection for your feet
  • For comfort (this is an important factor to enjoying your golf course)
  • To reduce ankle injuries
  • For breathability. You do not want to wear a pair of shoes that can cause your feet to retain water. This can cause a distraction thereby causing some measure of discomfort.

What to Consider Before Shopping for a Golf Shoe

The size of your feet is not the only criterium to consider when choosing golf shoes for your wide feet. Remember, you are choosing the shoes for comfort. Golf shoes are usually designed with preference for wide or a narrow feet people. A person with wide feet should go for wide shoes while an individual with narrow feet should go for narrow shoes. However, there are other factors you might want to consider when shopping for golf shoes especially when you have wide feet. A few of these criteria are:

  1. Comfort: Individuals who are lovers of golf would agree that is the most important factor to consider when shopping for golf shoes. Comfort is essential if you are going to be on a golf course for hours on end. You would not want to end a golf course on the terms of not feeling comfortable based on your choice of shoes. Wearing a not too comfortable golf shoe will not exact unwanted stress on your feet, it will also affect your performance during a tournament on how you play. It is also a common mistake to wear wide shoes if your size is an extra-wide foot.
  2. Style: Making a decision about the aesthetics of a golf shoe is another factor you might want to take a look at. We are going to be sharing varieties of golf shoes for those who might want to go for something either classy or simple.
  3. Breathability and Durability: You need to think of the breathability of the golf shoes. Can you use golf shoes during the rainy season with the confidence that your feet will be protected? Are the outsoles water-resistant? What about the outer layer/upper layer of the golf shoes? Can they withstand some water? A simple answer to these questions is that you should get a shoe which would be breatble and most importantly durable.
  4. Outsole: The outsoles of a golf shoe are the backbone of a comfortable golf shoe. Most golf shoes are made of outsoles made from rigid compounds that stabilize the shoe as well as provide a stable place to spikes or cleats that can be found connected to the bottom of the golf shoe. You must choose golf shoes whose outsoles you are comfortable walking with. This is crucial to the overall performance of the shoe.
  5. Insole: How do you feel when you put on those nice-looking pairs of golf shoes? This is usually overlooked based on other factors such as price and whatever other criteria sit on top of your list. If the shoe feels stiff to your feet, we will recommend that you do not purchase them. Ensure you go for something that brings comfort to you which in turn can boost your confidence and overall performance on a golf course.
  6. Price: This is rather important. Everyone has different needs and a budget. Ensure you do not go overboard with spending. You can choose a golf shoe which would go well with the size of your feet and will also not eat into your pockets.
  7. Waterproof: It is recommended that you go for golf shoes made with pure leather. They are usually more durable and offer some water resistance if not totally. They are also breathable and roomy. You can also try to get a feel of the material used to ascertain if it is going to provide some water-resistant features. Waterproof golf shoes not only help sustain your comfort on rainy days, but they also help on days when there is still some dew on the greens some mornings. You will agree with us that having your feet wet normally can be irritating to your skin and can probably cause some distraction to your activities. Maintain your stability and confidence by following this simple criterion when you want to get those golf shoes.
  8. Fit: It is important that during the process of selection, you check or test to see if the walls of the golf shoes are comfortable or are flexible enough to accommodate your wide feet. Does it fit? Do you think you can wear that golf shoe for four hours without hurting your feet? Some brands may indicate that they have different golf shoes for different feet width. Don’t get carried away with the aesthetics or feel of the material used. Ensure that it is a perfect fit.
  9. Warranty: Some brands have over 2 years of warranty. You might want to go for these types of golf shoes. So in the situation when the golf shoe develops a fault, you can always return it to the manufacturer if you are with within the warranty period.
  10. Material: Golf shoes can be made from either Leather, Cotton, Polyester, or Gore-Tex. You can go any material which gives you a sense of comfort and style. Most leather golf shoes are designed to be water-resistant. Some golf shoes are designed with the look and feel of sneakers. This type of golf shoes can give you a sense of comfort while walking on a golf course.
  11. Cushioning: Golf is the name of the sport and it requires you walking around for an ample amount of time. Without proper cushioning, your feet are bound to get swollen or tired. You might even hurt your ankle if the shoes are not comfortable enough.

 Types of Golf Shoes

There are different types of golf shoes for wide feet which have in the market for quite some time. Different qualities make them the most wearable golf shoes. Taking into cognizance these qualities, elements such as traction, breathability, and stability, you will be able to make your pick out of thousands of gold shoes out there. The most common types are as under:

  1. Spiked or Cleated Golf Shoes: These types of golf shoes have spikes or cleats attached to the soles. Some shoe designs allow you to remove the spikes for easy maintenance. Attachable spikes or cleats enables any golf player to walk on the greens with ease and stability. The most important feature of spiked or cleated golf shoes is that they are flexible. They enable a player to gain stability during the swing action. The spikes or cleats allow a player’s feet to stick to the ground. And of course, they are usually lightweight.
  2. Spikeless Golf Shoes: These shoes do not have spikes but rubber soles. They can also be seen as rubber spikes like structure which makes them quite comfortable. The rubber in the soles is of the reasons why these types of golf shoes are lightweight. They might be trendy, but many players do not like it because it is less waterproof.
  3. Golf Boots: Surprise! Yes, you can go for golf boots too. They are designed to withstand climatic conditions which simply means they are waterproof. They can provide the much-needed warmth and comfort during winter and rainy seasons. Due to the materials used in the production of these golf boots, they can be quite expensive. However, they provide more stability due to the heaviness of golf boots. You might also want to note that these shoes do allow for much flexibility while taking a swing.
  4. Golf Sandals: You might want to consider adding this piece to your golf shoe collection, you might need it during the hot or humid climate. They are cheaper than other types of golf shoes. However, they can cause some discomfort if you put them on for a long period. Let us also mention that these types of shoes are less waterproof and are too open to provide stability and grip.

8 Best Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Here is our recommended list of comfortable shoes for your feet

Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoe for Wide Feet

These golf shoes are reported to provide breathable comfort for all feet sizes. Other notable features of this brand include:

  1. Synthetic upper layers for improved comfort. It allows for extra space at the base of your feet
  2. Microfiber leather design
  3. Lightweight – it responds well to the rigors of walking on the greens
  4. Adidas’ EVA insole provides stability to misstep
  5. The Adidas Tech Response golf shoe can last for a good number of years
  6. Comfortable interiors and convenient lace-up design making lace tying pretty straight forward
  7. Although it does not have the waterproof function, it has an enhanced mesh upper layer which keeps your feet dry during the hot season

In addition to this, the company, Adidas, producing these golf shoes has been rated as one of the biggest and best brands in the sportswear industry. Their designs have been proven to be one of the best. So, we would recommend that you go for the best provided you can afford it.

Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 Golf Shoe for Wide Feet

This shoe has a specific waterproof feature which we recommend you look out for. The Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3 shoe is made of premium leather which provides a waterproof system. Other features include:

  1. A lightweight mesh which allows for easy walking. It is easier on the greens too
  2. Patented Resamax cushioned insole for comfort
  3. Made from leather and other synthetic materials
  4. Designed with a synthetic sole
  5. Durable outsole with multiple small spikes for terrific gripping
  6. Bonus feature: a 2-year waterproof guarantee

ECCO Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Imagine having to wear a spikeless golf shoe? Amazing right? Constructed from the Yak Leather and tanned to perfection by ECCO, the ECCO Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes was built to withstand dampness and wetness in all of its 18 holes.

It’s features include:

  1. These golf shoes were designed using the ECCO FLUID FORM technology, which is used to help with the breathability of the shoes. This is a fantastic feature for individuals with easily sweaty pores which can get worse after a sporting activity
  2. GORE-TEX construction to deliver 360-degree breathability and 100 percent waterproofing, allowing the shoe to be used in varying climate conditions
  3. It was designed to support the anatomical structure of your wide feet
  4. Built to support the natural balance of your feet during the “natural motion” of the golf swing
  5. Nice style and design (for those who might want to go for a golf shoe with a bit of style)

Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe

Who says the sport of Golf is just for men alone? The Skechers Women’s Drive 4 Spikeless Waterproof Golf shoe is a good fit for women with a wide foot. These golf shoes are comfortable, waterproof, and also have a removable insole which makes it easy to clean and maintain. It was also designed to be lightweight and was designed using an ultralight foam which makes it easy to walk with.

In addition to this, it has an intricate lacing structure that promotes style and comfort, easy to understand and adjust according to your preference of style. To add to this, it has a rubber sole which makes it durable. For women who want to look classy and exceptional on a golf course, this might be a perfect fit.

New Balance Men’s NBG518 Golf Shoe for wide feet

Imagine having to wear a pair of golf shoes which look and make you feel like you are wearing a pair of sneakers. That sounds comfortable, right?

It’s features include:

  1. It might look like a sneaker and yet is lightweight making it easy for you to walk around with
  2. It is roomy and so can accommodate the width of your feet
  3. They are breathable and you do not have to worry about cleaning as they are easy to maintain
  4. The New Balance Men’s NBG518 golf shoe was designed to help maintain stability and balance while walking on the greens
  5. It has a nice lacing structure for styles. Also, the lacing structure is easy to adjust in cases where you might want to give your feet more space especially after long hours of putting them on
  6. To add to all these, they are affordable. You do not have to break a bank to get one of these pairs of golf shoes

Adidas Adipower Bounce Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

From the name of the brand, it is well known that the name Adidas represents one of the best in the sportswear industry. Their shoes are a pair you possibly would enjoy wearing on a golf course. All you have to do is ensure you get the right size before purchasing. They are super comfortable, breathable, and easy to maintain. They also come with cleats that amazingly are removable. You can also change them after some time for maintenance. The lower part of the Adidas Adipower golf shoes also comes with a bounce layer which makes it comfortable enough for you to wear for hours on a golf course. Additionally, these shoes have a great amount of comfort in the form of supportive cushioning and amazing traction. It also offers a great deal of grip which is most required while playing golf.

Adidas Men’s Pure TRX Golf Shoe for Wide Feet

The Adidas Men’s Pure TRX Golf shoe is known for one specific feature: it is waterproof guaranteed. Being made with a rubber shoe together with a synthetic finish, its stealth cleat design stops moisture from gaining access to the shoe from underneath. These pairs of shoes were specifically designed for individuals with extra-wide feet. They were designed with 100% leather which implies they were designed to promote maximum durability over a couple of years. One of the outstanding features out of the long list of advantages of the Adidas TRX golf shoe is that it was designed with extra cushions for optimum comfort and ease. If comfort is your priority, the Adidas Men’s Pure TRX Golf shoe might just want you might want to take another look at.

Foot Joy Men’s Contour Series Golf Shoe for Wide Feet

This is not us saving the best for last on our review of best golf shoes. We just want to ensure you get the best. The Foot Joy Men’s Contour Series Golf shoe for wide feet is not just beautiful to look at, it is also beautiful to feel. If you can afford it, this is probably the perfect blend of comfort and style you might be looking for. Made of full-grain leather, the foot joy golf shoe has a synthetic yet long-lasting sole. This tells us that durability is next on the list of its features. It is a perfect fit if your feet are also wide. You will not have to worry about comfort or durability.

In addition to this, it has removable and replaceable spikes, it is waterproof (of course it has to be), extremely lightweight (you will probably not feel the greens at some point), and highly breathable (which is very important for comfort).


Nothing is worse than playing golf or any other sporting activity which can go on for hours with a tight and uncomfortable set of shoes, wrong clothing, and poor equipment. Take your time to select the proper gear for your favorite sporting activity and experience the type of comfort which helps to boost your energy and overall performance.

Remember each criterion when it comes to the selection of a golf shoe for your wide feet is as important as the others. You can never go wrong with a nice and comfortable set of shoes.

We do hope you find the right set of shoes for your next golfing activity from our curated list showing the golf shoes for wide feet.



Peter Stevenson, is a golf enthusiast who has been involved in golf in the last two decades. Whenever he isn't mentoring his students, you'll find him out on the course swinging away birdies and chip shots.

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